As of October 27,2013, will PERMANENTLY stop from updating.

It took me quite a while to finally decide to do this. As some of you might have already know, I've only had MYSELF to keep this blog updated and you might have noticed by now, It's been quite a while since the last time I did anything with this blog. I was going to just ABANDON this but I thought that my 4,965 FOLLOWERS who made this total of 311,422 page views and 119,931 total visitors, deserve an explanation and a proper GOODBYE and THANK YOU message, so here we are.

I would like to really REALLY thank you guys for visiting, liking, reblogging and supporting sistar-rology. Like Sistar, you guys became a part of my daily living. But because of some commitments I have, It's saddening that this is the end. To the people who I became friends with, talked to and spazz with, I'm really thankful that I met you guys.I'm going to be really REALLY busy from now on with stuffs that I've commit myself into and it's non-KPOP so, yeah.

By the way, You can still see past posts, reblogs and stuffs I've posted before by checking out the links above. Some stuffs left here are still pretty useful.

The updating will stop here but the love I have for Sistar is endless

Thanks, everyone. and Goodbye =)


PS: The tags are still pretty messed up and the MASTERLIST is outdated. Will fix it later on.